Protecting the fishery and character of “The Donegal.”

Cool, Pennsylvania limestone spring water. Trout. Agricultural landscape. Suburban development. The DFCA is here to make it work for this wonderful fishery.


What We Do

Cooperative Nursery: working with PFBC to stock our local trout waters

Community involvement: local community and the fishing community

Creek stewardship: protecting what we have, improving for tomorrow

Annual Kids’ Fishing Derby

Annual DFCA Outdoors Show

Nursery Cam

Vintage buttons from 1975

These buttons where made to honor DFCA founder Ken Depoe. Mr. Depoe started the club in the early 1960s, it became official in 1965. email Brandon to purchase this button at Brandoncrouser@gmail.com or email us at @donegalcreek donegalcreek@gmail.com

they are $5 for pickup and $8 for shipping. https://www.paypal.me/BrandonCrouser

You can purchase these buttons by contacting club secretary at Brandoncrouser@gmail.com

Grassroots Local Conservation Needs Your Help.

Please join and donate to DFCA today.

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